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Design professionals crazy about processes.

Following our process helps us deliver a flexible, collaborative experience to our clients. Our method assures you the transparency and lets you be engaged in every phase of the project.

We’re dedicated to provide a professional guidance through our services. Together, we’ll uncover your biggest objectives and aspirations to find the solution through our web design and marketing services.

We live, dream and breathe design and are truly excited for new challenges! We combine our passion to creative web design with technical skills and love for outstanding customer service to bring memorable and effective solutions.

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Tools and platforms we use.

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Process geeks.

Our process.

At akW, we focus on creating products destined for online success. We use our unique process for building each website that is confirmed to work and bring results over and over again.

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On-boarding & goal-setting session.

We love to connect deeper and uncover your brand’s message and DNA during our face-to-face session. During project onboarding, you’ll meet a lead designer and UX expert, Matt, who’ll ask a lot of questions! We’ll start with UX workshops to identify your customer avatar and their expectations. We’ll dig into your goals, objectives and main challenges for your business. This meeting will allow us to understand your current setup and clarify goals for your new website.


Estimate budget plan,

Project insights.

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Research and planning.

After our initial meeting, we will dive into your online presence, rankings and competition to understand your position. We will map out the most effective strategy and craft the best solution that will give you a healthy return on your investment. Once you’re signed off, we kickstart the project.



Scope of work and timeline,

Project documentation.

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UX/UI workshops and design.

We’ll prepare provisional UX/UI (user experience/user interface) wireframing for your review and feedback. Then, we’ll brainstorm about your customers’ journey, most converting layouts and tiny ,yet important, details like colour palettes, fonts and the overall vibe of your website. You can be as involved in the process as you wish. Or you can leave it all to us and get busy growing your business in the meantime. With your layout approval, we build a website in the staging environment.


UX/UI wireframe,

Website design.

swirl sketch


Revision and implementation.

We test your new website. We get rid of bugs and assure that the customers’ experience is as perfect as we imagined it together. Then, you’ll get your first chance to test your platform and give us feedback. With changes applied, we integrate your website with social media and other online platforms. 


Front-end and back-end tested, 

1st feedback and amendments,

rocket launching sketch


Your website is going live!

Once we’ve tested and adjusted in the staging environment, we’re good to go live. We upload your website to your domain and make triple sure it works smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Again, you have the 2nd round of feedback and amendments with us. Also, we optimise your pages to make sure that Google will love them! Then, we set up data tracking and Google Analytics to help you understand and track your new website performance.


Performance optimization,

Final environment testing,

2nd feedback and amendment,

SEO implementation,

Data tracking and Analytics connection,

Website publishing.

astronaut sketch


Training & Guidance.

Everything is up and running now - it’s time for training and guidance. We’ll take the time to provide you and your staff with all the information, training, guides and supporting documents to independently update your platform.



Guides and supporting documents for future references.

sketch of planet with orbits


Care plan & optimisation (optional)

Once your website is built and running, you have one more revision with us within one month since it went live. We offer maintenance plans if needed - from essential care to customised, enhanced UX optimisation and SEO plan. We’re flexible - you can jump from one to another within a month, no questions asked. We’re here to help in every way, shape, and form.


Last revision,

The maintenance plan and deliverables.

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