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Why websites don't get results

Websites and their purpose evolved and got more focused. What websites do for a business changed over the years. They can get less effective in bringing in customers to your business as more competition is appearing online. The vast majority of websites don’t get found on Google and never get any eyeballs on them - it’s not a surprise to us that you may think that websites don’t work. 

What should the website do for your business?
First and foremost - bring in the customers. Also, it should showcase who you are to build trust.

Your business evolves and so should your website.

What do you get from working with us

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Results-driven approach for your business.

If you don’t succeed, it means we didn’t deliver and that’s not our style. We will only work with you if we see a way to help you. Otherwise, we will just recommend a different solution.

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A sole-industry agreement for your area.

We only work with one client per industry and per operational area. Meaning that we will help you outrun your competition in the area in which you operate.

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You get a designated time in our schedule.

We work only with 2-3 clients at once, meaning we focus on your project and execute work quickly and ensure timely delivery.

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Service tailored to your specific needs.

You may have a set budget to spend on working with us. Fortunately, our service is tailored to you and your business. We will get the project completed within the budget forecast.

We help businesses develop, simplify, and execute marketing strategies.

Let's talk.

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Our Services

Whatever your business needs, we have it!

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Web design

Of course, we make websites that look beautiful. But unlike most other web designers, how beautiful a website looks is not central to us. We focus on how well a website functions and how the website helps you grow your business and achieve your goals.

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E-commerce development

Marketplace moved online and that’s a fact. You can probably benefit a lot by selling your products through the internet-store. We can build for you a custom made store that’s easy to use. We will train you on how to use the shop dashboard. As soon it’s built it’s easy to manage.

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Digital Marketing

There is a lot more to marketing online than just ads. Content creation, e-mail campaigns, social media campaigns, video creation, Google Ads optimization, Facebook and Instagram Ads are all areas we can help you with. With ads, we will work within your daily advertisement budget and help you get the highest return on investment possible.

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Search Engine Optimization - meaning that your website will be shown straight after people search for your service in Google. To help you even more we set up and optimize your Google and Social Media profiles, so you can appear in the First two sections Google show’s “Find results on” and “Local Map Area”.

When your business grows, our business grows.

We are open to taking on challenges and finding solutions tailored to your needs.

We may need to improve your current website, so it starts performing as it should - bringing in sales. We will do all the leg work for you: copywriting, visual content creation and website re-design.
This is the first piece of the puzzle.

Even with a great looking website that showcases your services and generates leads, you still want to boost your traffic. Here comes our expertise in local SEO. We will help your customers find your website and this is where you will see a massive improvement in your business. With our advice and strategy, you will move up the rankings and will benefit from the enquiries this generates.

This all doesn’t happen by chance. We take the time to really understand your business goals and map out a solution that is all about helping you grow your business with inbound sales leads for the long term.

Some of our customers thought they may not be able to manage something. We’ve explained everything clearly to them, and when needed we’ve sent them free tutorials and YouTube videos. 

We can also help you by giving you useful user guides we put together as well as sitting and talking through instructions until you get the hang of everything. Even after we finish the project for you, we are always on hand on the phone to answer any queries.

Increased revenue.

Higher profits.

Saved time.

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Who is behind akW dezign?

Mateusz (Matt) Woch, akW dezign director

Hey, I’m Matt and I set up akW dezign to help businesses and organisations address their online marketing needs. 
I connected my background in sales and IT skills acquired throughout the years, including Information Technology studies, to help you achieve your business goals.
My passion for providing the best experience possible for anyone who comes in contact with me allows me to help each customer in a meaningful way and with a tailored approach to their particular needs.
When I’m not at the computer desk you will find me either hiking outdoors or training judo and other martial arts.

Our work

Our customer testimonials

The results have exceeded our expectations.

“I was immediately impressed by the attention to detail shown by Matt and his approach to fully understand how our club worked and its marketing needs. This attention to detail was reflected in the final version of the website and I think captured the essence of our club and what our ambitions are for it.

The other impressive thing about the website is the way it integrates data capture and provides an easy way of assessing the impact of the site and how we need to tweak it to be more effective. The results have exceeded our expectations - in the first quarter since the website went live the club has received 300% more inquiries than previously in the same time period which has resulted in encouraging rates of new junior and senior memberships.”

Brian Atkins
Northampton Judo Club

We help businesses develop, simplify, and execute marketing strategies.

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