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Hemel Hempstead, UK


Shopify development, Amazon integration


September 2022
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About Eeezetopia

Plant-powered beauty & wellness products

Eeezetopia is a UK-based start-up business focused on natural, plant-powered beauty & wellness products. Jenny, the founder, discovered Terpenic Labs while visiting Spain and decided to share her positive experience with products that eased her chronic pains caused by Fibromyalgia. She became an official supplier of Terpenic Labs products in the UK.

What Jenny needed was a complete Shopify store redesign and proper integration with the Amazon platform, that would allow her to drive conversions and enhance the shopping experience throughout multiple mediums.

This is where we stepped in with our expertise and experience in eCommerce development and integrations.

Thoughts of our client

“The work put into helping with my website was amazing.

Matt at akW made it so clear for me to understand how things worked.

He worked very well with me who is dyslexic as well as having a condition that doesn't make days easy! He made me feel very comfortable and informed about the new journey with online selling I'm on!

Not once did I feel out of my depth and that I couldn't ask or double-check on something I didn’t entirely understand.

He also went further and resolved the complications I had with Amazon sellers and made sure that the integration of my online store with Amazon was smooth.

Jenny, the founder of Eeezetopia

Onboarding + the scope

Amazon Integration and bespoke, on-brand Shopify store

We were approached by the founder with a clear goal of improving and integrating her Shopify store with Amazon Seller Central. Our key objective was to enhance user experience and increase the conversion rate on the Shopify store itself.

We were simultaneously eager to fix errors and issues occurring on a 3-rd party integration app. Additionally, we addressed issues with the sales process and a lack of brand integrity on the website. Our main objective was for visitors to reach and purchase the desired product effortlessly and within a few clicks.

As a start-up business, the client was limited to choosing our Shopify development services with a pre-made template. We decided to customize it to the fullest and give the store a much-needed re-brand.

Eeezetopia Shopify development - hero showcase of a homepage design for a wellness & beauty brand.
The process

Enhancing the user experience

To achieve the best shopping experience for Eeezetopia clients, we approached the eCommerce platform from the perspective of a completely new user.

From the early stages of the website development, we assured the accessibility and ease of usage throughout the website. We focused on clear messaging through the visuals and primary headings to assure straightforward navigation both in the menu and website layout.

The client experienced multiple errors occurring on the 3rd party integration plugin with Amazon Seller Center, which we prioritised resolving without interruption to real-time sales.

Eeezetopia Shopify development - showcase of a category divider on a main page for a wellness & beauty brand.

Personality-infused design

Our goal was to create a fully bespoke Shopify store rightfully representing the brand and the colourful personality of the owner. Approachable shopping experience and inclusivity throughout the layout were as important as overall branding.

We assured that all items and additional pages of the website are easily accessible. We re-categorised products and included a search through the concern in the navigation bar to ease the choice of the right products. Additionally, we included a visual categorisation of the product on the home page, using intuitive images.

Through thorough research and product analysis, we navigated and fixed errors appearing on the integration app and Amazon. We managed to complete the task without interfering with real-time purchases.

We’ve cleaned up the product listings, choosing less overwhelming and clearer main images with a plain background.

Eeezetopia Shopify development - showcase of a mega menu development with banners and product carousel

Welcoming & accessible

Eeezetopia’s new branding includes warm tones of beige and toned-down orange spiced up with darker purples. Cosy hues elevated with fierce accents allowed us to create an approachable, yet remarkable experience.

Simultaneously, we used a bold Anybody font, complemented by secondary font, Inter. We decided on easy-to-read, yet statement headings to assure accessibility throughout the sections.

Colour palette

colour palette for eCommerce website in cheerful, warm tones and statement orchid purple


showcase of a regular Anybody font used in the re-brand of an eCommerce project
showcase of a regular Inter font used in the re-brand of an eCommerce project
Delivered value

Funky, functional and fully integrated

With a straightforward goal to improve the overall user experience and appearance of Eeezetopia’s online presence, we delivered a funky, colourful yet fully functional online experience. We provided our customer, Jenny, with improved branding and clearer messaging on her website. Although we’re still working on improving the overall experience and visuals on the website and working on launching CBD products, it already received positive feedback from clients and new visitors evident through increased sales.

We successfully resolved errors appearing on a 3rd party plugin and made sure that the integration between Shopify and Amazon is flawless onwards.

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