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Grow your organic traffic with our bespoke SEO strategies.

We assist Northampton business owners in creating SEO content and websites that Google falls in love with. 

Effective SEO solutions

SEO services tailored for your goals

We’re a team of Northampton-based SEO geeks who love to connect and assist business owners with our tailored optimisation services. We use our experience and reverse engineering strategies to help you improve your search engine rankings through our customised SEO techniques.

We assist businesses in implementing highly targeted and prospect-focused content that not only helps you rank higher in Google search results but also keeps your targeted audience engaged and interested in your offer.

Even the most gorgeous websites are pointless, if not found by customers online. SEO draws the organic stream of visitors to your website whilst on-brand design and impactful customer journey allure and turn visitors into shoppers. Thus, we combine knowledge of SEO with our passion for human-focused messaging and user experience to bring unique, ethical SEO services to businesses in Northampton and surrounding areas.

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Competition analysis

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 Local SEO

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National and international SEO

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Rich content creation

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Site and SEO audit

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Keyword research

SEO services results by akW - growth graph on Google Analytics.
SEO services result in a growth graph on Google Analytics.
Client's testimonials

People like us, apparently.

Google 5 gold star review icon

The results have exceeded our expectations.

akW assisted us in designing and developing a website for our construction business. The whole process was straightforward and they took the pains away from managing the project. Matt and his team took the creative lead and used the information we provided to create a great website.

Chris Martin
Director - CGS Pile Design
Google 5 gold star review icon

The biggest win was the research they put into the project and the high quality copy.

So many website designers create a website that looks great, but does not initiate the customer to create action. AkW really understood this process and realise that an effective website needs to create an enquiry or a sale.Their attention to detail was fantastic.

Daniel Beckitt
Owner - Boreas Healing
Google 5 gold star review icon

300% more inquiries than previously in the same period!

This has been very successful in attracting and sustaining many more new members and taking the club forward. We are very pleased with the service, the data collection facilities and ongoing professional support.

Brian Atkins
Google 5 gold star review icon

Everything was clear and we understood what’s being done.

We were positively surprised with how result-oriented Matt was, on top of the website design. We are highly satisfied with the number of online enquiries we are receiving. Our website is now starting to show up in the top 3 positions on Google.

George Mihalachi
Google 5 gold star review icon

Our page jumped up to 3rd position in Google rankings!

Great at SEO and general optimization and marketing. Always available for a phone call for any queries, even after doing the web design/SEO etc. Have seen a great increase in the number of enquiries coming through the website and facebook page.

Vedika Bedi
Google 5 gold star review icon

Carefully put my ideas into an amazing and intuitive website!

I’ve had lots of enquiries for work, improved my online presence massively and also seamlessly improved my ratings, reviews and other important features that customers follow.

Younis Nabi
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SEO services

We better Northampton businesses with our SEO services

Our SEO services leverage brands in Northampton and around the world to deliver measurable, ROI-focused results. Our objective is to navigate your brand’s uniqueness and attract your audience with optimised, user-intended content.

We team up with businesses to craft an impactful SEO strategy that sets your platform for success.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is a marketing strategy that helps to grow your brand awareness in local search results and generates leads and can massively increase your revenue. Our local SEO services for Northampton businesses include detailed keyword research and reverse engineering practices to help you establish the most impactful strategy. We assist you with finding the most powerful keywords, creating engaging content and optimising your website and Google My Business profile to target ready-to-buy local customers.

wordpress website design with custom code icon

On-page optimisation

The lack of fundamental on-page SEO implementation is the number one reason why businesses don’t rank in local and national Google searches. Even the most impressively designed and UX-focused websites won’t bring desired results without a strong SEO foundation. We’ll help you to navigate and fix your website’s technical configurations including headings, meta descriptions and descriptive URLs, so it’s visible and readable by search engines. Our on-page SEO ‘boost’ will provide you with a better base for further long-form targeted content.

seo optimisation for businesses icon

SEO for eCommerce

Online visibility is crucial when it comes to maximising your e-commerce profits and turning your website into a selling powerhouse. Buyers tend to be more trustful toward online stores with high search engine rankings. Additionally, SEO services will help in connecting your e-Commerce platform with desired ready-to-buy shoppers. Our goal is to deliver the best SEO strategy tailored to your goals and get to the bottom of your toughest challenges. All of that to assure measurable outcomes for your e-Commerce.

copywritting for websites icon

SEO-optimised copywriting

Copywriting is the fundament of a well-performing website and marketing. It can distinguish an okay brand from a great one. We’re obsessed with delivering written content that aligns with your brand and drives visitors to your platform. We specialise in delivering long-form content that fulfils user experience on your website whilst being recognised and loved by search engines. We lead your visitors through the captivating journey and create the most compelling and on-brand messaging while delivering a search-optimised marketing strategy. 

We use the best tools and resources to help promote
and boost conversion on your website

Tools and platforms we use

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User-driven design

Bespoke SEO solutions, driven by transparent relationships

We make search engines fall in love with your website. For us, transparency is the key to a flourishing collaboration. 

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Transparency and collaboration

We connect with ambitious business owners and sole traders to learn about their brand and mission and bring creative, result-driven solutions to their challenges. Our goal is to bring meaningful solutions with a healthy ROI. Hence, we send monthly reports and conduct quarterly strategy meetings to share the progress and answer all your questions.

copywritting for websites icon

Optimised copywriting, always

Copywriting determines the difference between a good brand and a great one! Together, we’ll research the most impactful keywords and establish your client’s expectations to craft a rock-solid customer journey. We go all and beyond to create an online experience that’s both fulfilling your visitors’ needs and is rewarded by algorithms.

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Fully bespoke SEO solutions

Even the most beautiful websites won’t achieve much without a consistent stream of organic traffic. A platform that can not be discovered by a new stream of visitors will never bring a healthy flow of income. We create long-form, informational content that’s loved by both search engines and actual customers. 

SEO Packages

SEO packages tailored to your goals

At akW, we focus on crafting products and services destined for your online success. We use our unique, proven SEO process for optimising each website that is confirmed to work and bring results over and over again.

From keyword-optimised content creation to UX/UI improvements and data analytics, we’re dedicated at every step. We provide flexible, non-obligatory month-to-month SEO packages. 

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SEO Jumpstart

Starting at £500

One time set-up fee.*

Set-up includes:

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Google Analytics Installation
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Starting-point report
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Keyword research
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Competition research
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Keyword research
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XML Sitemap setup
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ALT tags description
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Title tags & meta description
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Google My Business optimisation
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Page URL re-naming
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303 re-direct setup
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SEO plugin installation
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Submission to 6 major worldwide search engines
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Site speed check-up

*Price based on a static 5-page website and does NOT include major changes to a website.
Fee does NOT apply to clients whose website was built by akW! 

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Essential Plan

Starting at £500/month

Ideal for start-ups, local businesses and sole traders.

Package includes:

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Website audit
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Bespoke SEO strategy
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Keywords research
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On-page SEO
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Off-page SEO
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Link building
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Monthly reporting

Pre-paid discount examples:

e.g of£500/month deal:

3 months - £1,250

(half a month for free saves you £250)

6 months - £2,500

(1 month for free saves you £500)

12 months - £5,000

(2 months for free saves you £1,000)

advanced seo plan icon with the sketched rocked.

Advanced Plan

Starting at £1,000/month

Ideal for small and established businesses.

Package includes:

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Website audit
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Bespoke SEO strategy
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Keywords research
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On-page SEO
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Off-page SEO
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Link building
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Monthly reporting

Pre-paid discount examples:

e.g of£1,000/month deal:

3 months - £2,500

(half a month for free saves you £500)

6 months - £5,000

(1 month for free saves you £1,000)

12 months - £10,000

(2 months for free saves you £2,000)

premium SEO plan icon

Premium Plan

Starting at £2,500/month

Ideal for corporate and established businesses.

Package includes:

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Website audit
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Bespoke SEO strategy
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Keywords research
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On-page SEO
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Off-page SEO
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Link building
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Monthly reporting

Pre-paid discount examples:

e.g of£2,500/month deal:

3 months - £6,250

(half a month for free saves you £1,250)

6 months - £12,500

(1 month for free saves you £2,500)

12 months - £25,000

(2 months for free saves you £5,000)

ROI-driven SEO solutions

We craft the holistic SEO strategy for a better start and growth of your business

We look beyond the code and combine our passion for user purpose and experience to craft and deliver the most powerful SEO solutions for businesses in Northampton. We create ROI-driven strategies to help you reach a wider, authentic audience.

SEO services performance graph on Google Search Console.
SEO services performance graph on Google Search Console.
SEO services result in a growth graph on Google Analytics.

A holistic approach to your business 

We start every project by analysing the code and current rankings of your website to create holistic SEO solutions for your business. We’ll assist you in fixing incorrect implementation of SEO fundamentals and building a solid foundation for your plan.
Together, we’ll establish your customer’s avatars, their behaviour and their expectations to craft the content that ticks both boxes - is favoured by search engines and appeals to your audience.

SEO audit consultation with the client.

Reverse engineering 

We analyse your rankings, top-performing keywords related to your business, as well as top-performing websites in your industry to gain insights into their metrics and strategy that is proven to work. It helps us to create original, improved content and landing pages that have a better chance to compete with top-ranked websites.
We examine your competition, your in-house processes and your most challenging objectives to tailor the SEO plan to your unique business structure and goals.

web designer from Northampton checking Google Analytics

UX/UI insights 

To us, SEO doesn’t end with providing keyword-targeted content and implementing technical changes to the code. User experience and user interface work hand in hand with SEO. Meaningful layout and digital journey on your website are as important, as engaging optimised long-form content.
We’ll give you insights on how to improve the structure of your website so it performs to its highest potential.

person sketching mobile responsiveness for website design
People ask


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the most effective marketing process that increases awareness of your brand on search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

In simple terms, SEO represents the digital marketing techniques (both internal and external) of improving and optimising the technical configuration of website pages (so-called landing pages) so it’s easily found in search engines when prospective clients look for a product or service related to your business.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to assign the position of a webpage within results pages. To determine which page is the most suitable to the query (keyword), search engines use boots and algorithms that crawl through web pages, read their coded content and rank them accordingly. The most informative, related and user-friendly pages are ranked on top of search results.

There are many different methods that can help improve your search presence, all of which depend on your goals, current rankings, competition and keywords difficulty.

At our SEO agency in Northampton, we implement strategic practices on your website and create long-form, informational content that is optimised for desired keywords but also, easily adaptable by humans. Hence, we boost the exposure of your website to highly motivated prospects (read: people that already search for your services or products on search engines).

How much does SEO cost?

Our SEO offers start at £500/month and can exceed £2,500/month, depending on your competition, current website set-up and the work we need to put in to assist you in optimising your pages for success.

SEO requires technical knowledge, the ability to research and diagnose data, and most importantly, smashing copywriting skills. Hence, the price is the equivalent of the work, knowledge and effort put into your SEO strategy.

During our onboarding, we will dive into your goals, present ranking and other factors to help us choose the most effective plan suitable for your business. Our month-to-month payment plans have a flexible cancellation policy. To check our SEO plans, click HERE.

I have a limited budget, will you still work with us?

We work with a range of clients in Northampton and nationally - from start-ups to established businesses. Although our packages start from £500/month + the initial set-up fee, the price is not set in stone. We love to get inspired and work with like-minded business owners and sole traders, hence we are open to discussion regarding your budget.

The easiest way to find out if we’ll be able to help you within the budget is to let us know. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and increase your online traffic within the total spend.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

SEO requires technical and creative skills, but most importantly, time. It can take up to 28 days to reach engine boots only to notice changes performed by us on your web pages.

Additionally, you may be competing with businesses that have been investing and implementing SEO strategies for a long time. It’s not impossible to compete with them, but nothing happens overnight.

On top of your competition, there are thousands of ranking factors, like the authority of your domain, keyword difficulty and many more. In most scenarios, it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing results from SEO. Though for competitive industries like legal, investments or the building industry, it can take between 6-12 months to start outranking your industry rivals.

During our onboarding, we’ll look at your current website, keywords and competition, to give you an estimated forecast on when to expect the results.

Should I invest in SEO?

Aye! The most important task of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website, either locally or nationally. Unlike any other marketing practice, SEO targets an already motivated audience that is searching for your product or service.

Around 95% of online buyers look no further than the first page of search results. Hence, if your website listing doesn’t appear in those first 10 positions, it won’t get any organic traffic. If your goal is to grow your business (and if you look up SEO, you clearly do), it is crucial to set a goal and work towards the top.

Can you get me to #1 on Google?

We’ll work hard to get you to the best possible position, and we have past clients that we assisted in getting to the top #3 positions on Google for related keywords. From our experience, optimising your website for the right keywords and getting to the first 3-5 listings is already enough to bring you a stream of organic traffic and a healthy return on investment. #1 doesn’t mean success, as online buyers tend to shop around and choose the most compelling offer.

Hence it’s crucial for us to create landing pages that both rank in the top 5, but also appeal to your potential clients and create a seamless experience on your website.

Ranking on top of Google for competitive keywords is possible but requires much more time and resources. If the #1 position is possible for the right terms within your budget, then we’ll give it our 100% to get you there.

What results can I expect from working with akW?

We’re obsessed with SEO and meaningful content creation and strive to bring measurable and transparent results to every client. We provide monthly SEO reports and quarterly strategy overviews, so you can have insights into progress and an outline of the completed work.

During our onboarding, we’ll go through our SEO processes, predictions and results you expected from us. SEO takes time and is usually a long-term game, hence our focus is on bringing clear and transparent solutions tailored to your goals and needs.

Will my results drop if I stop investing in SEO?

Most likely. This hugely depends on your business and competition. If your business is local and niched down, a basic on-page optimisation and descriptive, optimised content may be enough to assure a stable stream of organic traffic and leads for a relatively long period.

On the other hand, if your competition is constantly updating their website, your position may be either quickly over ranked or gradually decrease in search results. For most businesses, SEO is a constant, yet well-paid-off investment.

Do you offer PPC services?

We offer Google Ads services, but we highly advise using them as a part of a long-term online marketing plan, rather than as the main traffic-generating strategy.

Will I receive reporting from you?

Yes, every freaking month! We provide monthly SEO reports and quarterly strategy summary meetings outlining progress and work completed on our end. On top of that, at the beginning of our collaboration, we will conduct and share an audit of your platform and its rankings so you can compare the results with your starting point.

Does your website design service include SEO?

Our website and e-commerce design solutions do include on-page fundamental SEO, meaning we will make sure all the components on your website will be visible and readable for search engines like Google or Bing. Hence, if you designed your website with us and want to re-invest in it with our SEO services, the set-up jumpstart fee doesn't apply to you (unless someone seriously messed up with our initial settings).

Do you work with businesses outside of Northampton?

Absolutely! We work with local, national and international businesses and sole trades.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us by e-mail at with your idea or call us on 01604 97 97 33 and we’ll be happy to help! If you want to find out more about our approach, click here.

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