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Local SEO services 

Expand your business with targeted local SEO strategies

We specialise in delivering targeted, research-fuelled local SEO strategies that drive results. With our expertise and customised approach, we help your business rise above the local competition and reach your target audience effectively.

Bespoke local SEO solutions

We outline and implement effective, on-brand local SEO strategies driven by market and audience research

Local SEO is crucial as it helps businesses reach their target audience in specific geographic areas. It improves visibility, attracts local customers, and drives business growth.

Our research-driven design decisions and user-centric approach ensure your website is easy to find and ranks high in search engines. From keyword research to content creation and technical optimisation, we ensure that search engines and actual users love your brand. 

Comprehensive analysis and strategy development 

We conduct in-depth research on customer behaviour, your brand messaging, and goals to develop a customised local SEO strategy with realistic, reachable goals.

By aligning our approach with your unique identity and objectives, we ensure that our efforts drive maximum impact and deliver measurable results.

360°revision for the best results

We thoroughly analyse your Google My Business account, online reviews, and social media profile to squeeze out the best from your online presence and leverage it further in your SEO strategy.

We help you revamp and optimise these platforms to attract more local customers, build trust, and establish a strong online presence within your local community.

Keyword-fuelled content

We specialise in comprehensive keyword research and competition analysis to identify the most relevant and valuable search terms for your business.

We will develop long-form, keyword-optimized content that not only boosts your search rankings but also engages your target audience, driving organic traffic and conversions.

Conversion-driven approach

We understand the importance of ranking for both informational and transactional keywords. Our keyword intent strategy ensures that your business gains credibility by providing valuable information while also engaging ready-to-buy customers.

By building trust and authority in your niche, we help you drive conversions and achieve sustainable growth.

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Google 5 gold star review icon

The results have exceeded our expectations.

The whole process was straightforward and they took the pains away from managing the project. Matt and his team took the creative lead and used the information we provided to create a great website.

Chris Martin
Director - CGS Pile Design
Google 5 gold star review icon

Their attention to detail was absolutely fantastic.

So many website designers create a website that looks great, but does not initiate the customer to create action. AkW really understood this process and realise that an effective website needs to create an enquiry or a sale.

Daniel Beckitt
Owner - Boreas Healing
Google 5 gold star review icon

300% more inquiries than in the previous period!

This has been very successful in attracting and sustaining many more new members and taking the club forward. We are very pleased with the service, the data collection facilities and ongoing professional support.

Brian Atkins
Google 5 gold star review icon

The process was clear and we knew what to expect.

We were positively surprised with how result-oriented Matt was, on top of the website design. We are highly satisfied with the number of online enquiries we are receiving. Our website is now starting to show up in the top 3 positions on Google.

George Mihalachi
Google 5 gold star review icon

Our page jumped up to 3rd position in Google!

Great at SEO and general optimization and marketing. Always available for a phone call for any queries, even after doing the web design/SEO etc. Have seen a great increase in the number of enquiries coming through the website and facebook page.

Vedika Bedi
Google 5 gold star review icon

Carefully put my ideas into an intuitive website!

I’ve had lots of enquiries for work, improved my online presence massively and also seamlessly improved my ratings, reviews and other important features that customers follow.

Younis Nabi
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Local SEO FAQs

What is local SEO, and why is it important for my business?

Local SEO refers to optimising your website and online presence to improve visibility in local search results.

Local SEO helps businesses increase their chances of being found by local prospects who are ready to make a purchase.

How long does it take to see results from local SEO efforts?

The time it takes to see results from local SEO can vary depending on several factors, such as the competitiveness of your industry and the existing online presence of your business.

On top of that, there are thousands of ranking factors, like the authority of the domain, keywords, quality of content and many more.

Generally, it may take anywhere from 3-12 months to start seeing results from SEO. However, our tailored approach ensures that we prioritise quick wins and implement long-term strategies to deliver optimal results for your business.

To estimate how quickly you could expect the results from our Search Engine Optimization services, we start by auditing your current website and your competition.

Should I invest in local SEO?

Yes! The most important task of local SEO is to increase the visibility of your website, which represents your business and showcases the products/services you offer. In other words, the higher you rank on search engines, the more traffic and potential customers see you!

Around 95% of online consumers look no further than the first page of search results. Hence, if your website listing doesn’t appear in those first 10 positions, the website won’t bring you any organic traffic. If your goal is to grow your business (and if you look up SEO, you certainly do), it is crucial to set a goal and work towards the top.

Can you guarantee top rankings on search engines like Google?

While we cannot guarantee specific rankings on search engines, we utilise the best possible practices and proven strategies to improve your website's visibility and search engine rankings.

Our goal is to help your business achieve higher organic rankings, increase website traffic, and generate more leads. We constantly monitor and adapt our strategies to align with search engine algorithms and ensure long-term success for your business.

Will my results drop if I stop investing in SEO?

Most likely. The timeframe of it happening hugely depends on your business and competition. If your business is niched-down and you only work locally, basic optimisation and descriptive, optimised content may be enough to assure a stable stream of organic traffic and enquiries/orders for years.

On the other hand, if your competition is restless, your position may be either quickly over-ranked or gradually drop in search results. For most businesses, SEO (both local & national) is a constant yet well-paid-off investment.

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