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March 2023
Old telecom/technology website before the transformation with akW dezign
New bespoke Webflow design and development for a tech business in Northampton
About Amcomp

Re-brand with a clean and contemporary take

Amcomp focuses on providing telephone and broadband systems to businesses by assuring security, flexibility and control through IT solutions.

The Amcomp team contacted us with the task of re-designing their website and polishing a customer journey. The old website became outdated and bugged and didn’t showcase their current offers. The company needed a new digital presence to communicate professionalism and convey more about their offers to other businesses.

Our mission was to design and develop a dynamic website with subtle animations and a memorable user experience.


Memorable presentation infused with brand tones

With Amcomp’s previous website being relatively outdated and flat, we set the tone from the beginning of our project. We worked on their new website with the clear intention of polishing their brand and creating consistency throughout the pages and layouts.

Our design focused on enhancing the information flow and user journey, ensuring we provide visitors with a contemporary and accessible structure.

A bespoke Webflow website project release for a business-to-business technology firm, Amcomp, based in Northampton
Onboarding + scope

Crafting a bespoke, mobile-friendly website with a clear message

From the start, it was clear that we would aim at a responsive website that communicates the company’s unique selling points and diligent approach. Through onboarding and research, we pinpointed the biggest challenges for a website - to grasp the user's attention and lead them through a structured sales funnel without overwhelming them.

Our goal was to achieve a clean yet memorable layout that rightfully defines Amcomp’s benefits and offers. We created a powerful headline strategy to represent boldness balanced with on-page optimisation for a better kick-start of his new platform on search engines.

The process

Modern & straightforward functionality wrapped in the approachable design

Progressive businesses require an approachable and intuitive design. Bold, structured headlines allowed us to create a clear and structured flow of information on the website.

We worked closely with Amcomp through face-to-face meetings and phone interviews to break down their approach and offer. We captured the essence of Amcomp’s unique selling proposition and flexible offer in straightforward headings and subheadings accompanied by emotive icons and images.

We decided to set the clean tone of the website with a mindful usage of white space and light, neutral background. Subtle animations and radiating beams helped us enrich the layout's overall appearance and create an attractive yet subtle and non-distractive contrast.

Choosing the right images for a website to help visitors visualise the features and flexibility of services was crucial to creating a straightforward message.

A showcase of a slider section build in Webflow

Responsive on all devices

Excellent mobile experience and dynamics on Amcomp’s website were our main priorities. The goal for the mobile version of the website was to guarantee that the small-sized screens do not impact the information and overall funnel.

On mobile devices, it’ll be easy to catch jazzy branding in the form of light beams in Amcomp’s deep plum and turquoise, full of motion.

Creating a robust menu with smooth animations and expandable service tabs with intuitive icons helped us ensure quick navigation throughout the website.

A menu design in Webflow for a mobile version of a website for a tech companyA website header showcase on the mobile for an tech company in Northampton build in WebflowA mobile showcase of a slider section build in Webflow

Ensuring effortless readability

Vibrant, slightly oversized headings complement the new website's contemporary vibe. With that in mind, we didn’t want to compromise the readability. The choice of Lexend Deca, the display sans-serif font family, helped us create an inclusive yet memorable reading experience for visitors.

For the paragraphs, we went with the iconic Montserrat typeface. Its geometrical and wide format provided an outstanding balance to headings.


showcase of a bold weight Lexend Deca font used in the re-brand of a tech company in Northampton
showcase of a light weight Montserrat font used in the re-brand of an Webflow project for a tech company
Colour palette

Bold plum & turquoise hues balanced with classic b&w

In the onboarding stages, both akW and the client envisioned a modern, balanced and memorable website. The colour palette certainly helped us determine the right vibe for this project.

A colour palette creation was straightforward - we paired the existing logo with steady shades of white, ivory, and deep black. Purple plum and turquoise, visible in the logo, created a unique contrast and needed to be tamed with a classic yet complementary b&w.

Colour palette

colour palette for a website project for a tech company in Northampton
Value delivered

Clean design & messaging

We developed and delivered a modernised website with a smooth user journey structure and a polished informational funnel. We created an intuitive visual experience on the new website, enhanced with a candid heading structure.

We helped Amcomp professionalise and enhance its digital presence and assisted in communicating its customer-oriented ideas better by giving them a mature, responsive website with beautiful information presentation, unique animations, and robust branding.

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