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Hemel Hempstead, UK


Web design & development, copywriting



April 2023
A website showcase of a Webflow project for a construction company presenting a full-size hero sectionA website showcase of a Webflow project for a construction companyA website showcase of a Webflow project for a construction company presenting geotechnical and structural services
Client’s thoughts

akW team took the creative lead and used the information we provided to create a great website

"akW assisted us in designing and developing a website for our construction business. The whole process was straightforward and they took the pains away from managing the project.

Matt and his team took the creative lead and used the information we provided to create a great website. They took care of the content writing for us, which hugely freed up our time. I mentioned at the beginning that I might not have much time to deal with this project, and akW has easily adapted to my requirements.

The results have exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure working with them and we are looking forward to future collaborations."

Chris @ CGS

A website showcase of a case study built on WebflowA website showcase of a Webflow project for a construction company dividing visitors to different groups of clients
About CGS Pile Design 

A strong foundation for growth 

CGS Pile Design delivers a broad spectrum of structural and geotechnical solutions. Being experts in pile design and installation, CGS contacted us with the task of designing a new website for their new part of a business.

By providing a durable foundation and structural solutions, they left us no other option than to design and develop a strong, clean and robust website. We were eager to deliver a digital presence that communicates their professionalism and experience in the field.

Research & scope of work

The 360° web solution

Our work commenced before the kick-off meeting, which started with the initial research. We gathered all the crucial information about the industry, competition and SEO strategy, to present the numbers and expected outcomes for a new website.

During our analysis of competition, we spotted a huge dominance of outdated, strategy-lacking websites over modern, clean-cut designs with structured copywriting.

With a tight schedule, we established a common ground where CGS entrusted us with taking full initiative in the project. We went through a strategy meeting, where they passed the main objectives, including in-depth dive into their processes and services. That helped us outline the direction for the new brand and website.

From design to copywriting and photo sourcing, we approached tasks with a clear goal to rightfully represent the company and its’ message in the digital world.

Our process

Project delivery

Phase 1
UX/UI Works
Phase 2
Phase 3
Design & development

Feather-like flow with durability

From the early stages of the project, we focused on research on the industry and user experience. Our biggest challenge and focus was on designing and building a seamless and future-proof flow of the website.

We decided on a content-rich format for this project to take the visitors through the informational sales funnel. Hence, we balanced it with an adequate amount of white space throughout the pages and its’ elements, giving it a feather-like flow while boosting readability.

We elevated the written content with carefully selected images, making the experience more intuitive for visitors.


Optimised for search engines

Knowing that written content plays a crucial role in on-page SEO strategy, we created and optimised the copy that is informative and easy to read to boost the chances of the website’s rankings.

We made a great effort to convey the information from our onboarding meeting and combine it with our research to create an informational sales funnel that presents the benefits and outlines the values of the company.

A mobile showcase of a case study page built and developed in WebflowA mobile responsiveness showcase of a home page web design for construction companyA mobile showcase of a process section for a foundation specialist company
Branding direction

Less is more

Font choice

Fonts matter. In this case, we decided on selecting one - Satoshi - and sticking to it throughout all elements of written content.

Satoshi is a modern sans-serif typeface with characteristic lightness and geometrical balance, which supports the readability and accessibility of the website.

'Keeping it simple' helped us sustain a strong, easy-to-digest uniform. Rather than choosing between various fonts, we played with the different varieties of boldness.

showcase of a light weight Satoshi font used in the Webflow web design project for a construction company
Colour palette

A sleek web design complimented by simplicity

To keep the minimalistic feel of the website, we decided to go for a classic B&W accented with a deep tone of midnight green. A colour palette with a single accent hue helped us deliver a clean-cut website that stands out from the competition.

Colour palette

colour palette for a website project for a construction company, including classic Black and white alternations combined with deep midnight green hue
Value delivered

Polished, optimised digital presence and foundation for growth

With a straightforward goal to build and develop a website with a potential for expansion and future growth, we delivered a product with all boxes ticked. With a modern look and a smooth, informative customer journey, the website delivers trust and assurance, whilst being able to expand with the company itself.

Our effort in creating a bespoke, SEO-focused design and copywriting paid off. Only our on-page optimisation secured CGS on the 1st page of Google only after a month since the website went live.

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