Custom e-commerce design for an activewear enterprise

Branding and bespoke e-commerce concept with a compelling user journey 

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Fusing fashion, performance, and sustainability

TRIBE is a luxury athleisure concept brand focused on sustainability and community care. TRIBE designs durable, planet-friendly activewear that combines style with performance. Their collections feature premium materials and innovative designs, ensuring comfort and longevity. TRIBE's mission extends beyond fashion; they actively support and nurture a vibrant, health-conscious community. The brand concept revolves around merging luxury, sustainability, and community into exceptional athleisure wear.


Enhancing a brand with functional e-commerce design

Our intent for this e-commerce project was to create a seamless, intuitive experience for visitors. We prioritised clarity and simplicity throughout the website. The design ensured easy navigation and straightforward product information. We included a dedicated sustainability page to highlight eco-friendly practices. Modern design elements complement TRIBE's brand identity. We aimed for a smooth, enjoyable shopping journey that effectively reflected TRIBE’s values and aesthetics.

custom e-commerce designa mega menu design for an e-commerce a sustainability page design for an e-commerce

User experience & conversion-fuelled design 

Our approach for TRIBE's e-commerce project centred on boosting conversions and enhancing the user experience. We began by analysing industry-leading websites from a first-time visitor's perspective to understand optimal engagement strategies. This analysis guided us in creating a solution that differentiated TRIBE while meeting all visitor expectations. We focused on clear, intuitive navigation, ensuring that product information was easily accessible and well-organised.

Our vision included categorising products distinctly, which streamlined the shopping experience. Additionally, we highlighted TRIBE's commitment to the sports community, integrating this into the design to reinforce brand values. The end result was a balanced, user-friendly interface that reflected TRIBE's unique identity and commitment to sustainability and community support.


Clear choices, conscious decisions

Presenting the sustainability aspect of this project is focused on complete transparency. Our main objective was to clearly communicate this approach. We segmented the sustainability tab in the menu into three main parts: fabric, factories, dyes, and fabric upcycling. This structure aimed to show full transparency about the brand and the products.

Additionally, we implemented tabs in the product descriptions to further allow users to make informed decisions about their purchases. By providing detailed information, we ensured customers understood TRIBE’s commitment to sustainability. This clear and structured approach reinforced the brand’s dedication to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

a website design for activewear companyuser-focused product page design for an e-commerce

Enhancing product page design for optimal user experience

We aimed to create a user-friendly and informative experience. Each product page includes high-quality images to give a clear view of the items. Detailed descriptions cover material, fit, and care instructions, ensuring customers know exactly what they are purchasing.

We added specific tabs to highlight sustainability aspects, such as fabric origins, and dye processes. This transparency allows users to make informed decisions about their purchases.

To enhance the user experience, we incorporated easy navigation and quick access to related products. A size guide and real-time stock updates help customers find the right fit and availability.

mobile responsive home page design for an e-commercecustom, mobile responsive home page design for an e-commerceuser-focused product page design on mobile

Showcasing expertise and expanding horizons

Designing TRIBE's blog section focused on establishing the brand as both a retailer and a wellness expert. The blog provides an opportunity to showcase TRIBE's expertise in fitness, wellness, and sustainable living. By offering valuable insights and advice, the blog strengthens TRIBE's position in the market, portraying the brand as a knowledgeable authority.

By positioning TRIBE as a wellness expert, the blog section not only enhances customer trust but also paves the way for future expansion within the industry. This strategic move allows TRIBE to connect with its audience on a deeper level, reinforcing its commitment to community and health. The blog becomes a platform for sharing expertise, inspiring readers, and ultimately driving brand loyalty and growth.

custom design of blog section for e-commercecustom blog post design

Designing the brand: A harmony of warmth and strength

Our branding direction for TRIBE focused on creating clear and aesthetically cohesive visuals that match the brand's identity. We designed a simple yet sophisticated logo to reflect TRIBE’s ethos of luxury and sustainability. The typography choice played a crucial role in establishing the brand's voice. We selected Chillax for headlines, adding a modern and relaxed touch, while Galvji was chosen for body text, ensuring readability and elegance. This combination of fonts creates a harmonious balance, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

font Chillax medium
font Galvji regular

Logo design

Our approach aimed to ensure that every element, from the logo to the typography, aligned seamlessly with TRIBE’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and style. The result is a distinctive and polished brand image that resonates with TRIBE’s audience.

logo for a athleisure clothing brand

Balanced colour palette

Our branding direction for TRIBE also focused on a carefully selected colour palette to reinforce the brand's identity. We chose classic black and white for the background, providing a clean and timeless base. Accents in earthy, warm caramel hues represent the warmth of community, creating an inviting and friendly atmosphere. Bold midnight navy was added to convey the power and intensity of workouts, symbolising strength and determination. Each hue evokes the key feelings TRIBE wants to present: the warmth of community and the empowering nature of fitness.

colour palette branding for an e-commerce project
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