Dynamic & vibrant website design for a surfing community

Mobile responsive design concept with interactive map implementation

hero section design for a surfing communityan about section layoutblog section design on a homepage

Connecting surfing enthusiasts across the UK

Luca Surf is a vibrant surfing community started with the goal of connecting passionate surfing enthusiasts and creating unforgettable experiences throughout the UK. Their community thrives on the shared love for the waves, attracting members who seek to connect, learn, and form lasting friendships. Their members expect more than just a platform; they want a tool to track their progress, improve their skills, and engage with like-minded surfers.


From the vision to the detailed website

Wireframes show the layout and structure of a website without any design details. They help us plan the website’s functionality and navigation, and determine the design hierarchy and possible solutions before the actual design process. Wireframes ensure everyone agrees on the site's purpose and user flow before detailed design work begins.

a wireframe example for website
custom website design layout for surfing company

Riding the waves of connection: discover, engage, and explore 

The challenge started with seamlessly blending functionality with inspiration, ensuring the homepage is both informative and inviting.

Our homepage design for Luca Surf is crafted to captivate and inform, effectively communicating the brand's benefits and the inspiring story behind it. From the moment visitors land on the page, they are greeted with a visually stunning layout that reflects the energy and passion of the surfing community. The design highlights the core values of Luca Surf, emphasising connection, learning, and improvement.

One of the standout features of the homepage is the interactive map. This dynamic element showcases popular surfing spots across the UK, allowing users to explore and discover new locations to catch the waves.

an interactive map sectionhero section design for a surfing community

Eye-catching mobile design

Ensuring mobile responsiveness for Luca Surf was a top priority, as we aimed to deliver a consistent and seamless user experience across all screen sizes. In today’s digital age, users access websites from a variety of devices, making it crucial for us to provide the same functionalities and quality of interaction whether they are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

We dedicated a significant portion of the project to guarantee that no information or experience was compromised when transitioning from larger screens to mobile devices. We meticulously adjusted the layout, navigation, and interactive elements to ensure they were user-friendly and fully functional on smaller screens.

Key features such as the interactive map, user profiles, and surfing spot information were carefully adapted to maintain their usability and accessibility on mobile devices. By focusing on mobile responsiveness, we ensured that members of the Luca Surf community could easily connect, explore, and track their surfing progress no matter where they were.

responsive hero section on mobilean interactive map section - responsive website design on mobileshop and blog section on mobile for a surf community project

Colours & typography

The bright orange and warm linen hues we chose add a touch of vibrancy and warmth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a welcoming atmosphere. These colours compliment beautifully the dominant blue hues of the waters, capturing the dynamic and lively spirit of the surfing community.

For typography, we opted for Necto Mono for our headlines. This font is characterised by its modern, clean lines and slightly quirky appearance, which adds a unique and engaging touch to the design. It helps draw attention to key sections and provides a contemporary feel that aligns well with the adventurous nature of surfing.

For paragraphs and body text, we selected Lexend Deca. This font is renowned for its readability and clarity, ensuring all information is easily accessible and legible across different devices and screen sizes. Lexend Deca's smooth, sans-serif design makes it perfect for longer reads, allowing users to comfortably engage with the content without strain.

Together, the chosen colours and typography work harmoniously to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. They not only reflect the essence of Luca Surf but also enhance the user experience by making the website both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

a showcase of Necto Mono font
a showcase of Lexend Deca Light font
a bold colour palette for a web design project
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