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Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning




South Lakes, Cumbria


WordPress, WooCommerce


March 2023
A website of a Cumbria-based fitness coach before the design transformation with akW dezign
Website design after re-design with WooCommerce experts for an online fitness coach in Cumbria
About Paddy Maher

Fitness transformation coach with a decade of experience

Paddy is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience in strength and conditioning. He offers a 12-week transformation program for individuals of all fitness levels.

Paddy’s growth in the fitness industry required an accurate representation of his brand and expertise on his website. He contacted us with the goal of completely re-designing his website with the aim of communicating the client’s fitness transformation and his unique offering. Additionally, he needed help with re-defining the copywriting on his new platform.

Our mission for this website design and development project was to re-envision his brand and accurately present Paddy’s impressive background in the fitness industry.

A website banner design showcase on the mobile for an online fitness coachA website header showcase on the mobile for an online fitness coachA website design section for a fitness coach, highlighting the benefits of his online program
Onboarding + scope

Bold, bespoke website design aligned with a personal brand

Through the onboarding and research process, we learnt about Paddy’s massive impact on people’s fitness, but also quality of life. With dozens of impressive transformations of his clients and wonderful testimonials, we devised a plan for a minimalistic WordPress website with night-black background and firey accents inspired by Paddy’s fierce waves.

Our goal was to achieve a clean yet memorable layout that rightfully represents the face of the brand. Paddy’s unique and holistic approach to his clients called for a clean and informative website with visuals of transformations.

Copywriting and headline strategy required boldness balanced with on-page optimisation for a better kick-start of his new platform on search engines.

A website section showcase for an online fitness trainer
The process

Enhancing design with a personal touch

Our most significant task was to accurately represent Paddy’s immense experience and the success of his clients. On top of creating the mood board and a strong branding direction, we focused on clear messaging through bold headings.

We started with immersive research on the fitness industry and customers’ expectations towards personal trainers. We sought to identify potential website visitors' pain points and difficulties navigating through the website. One of the most important factors was showcasing results from real people. Fortunately, Paddy had an impressive track record of client transformations.

Showcasing reviews and feedback from his past clients, along with his personalised offers in the early stages of the website layout, was crucial for us.


Personality-infused design

Design-wise, we focused on developing a dark yet warm-toned scheme with a smooth buyer journey structure. Striking and vibrant tangerine hues, already existent in Paddy’s branding, allowed us to create subtle but noticeable buttons and CTAs.

On top of the visual experience on the new website, we ensured a smooth informational funnel. We introduced Paddy’s process and a deep dive into his online fitness programmes. We balanced out the text with strong visuals.

Our priority was ensuring we presented Paddy’s unique offer. We decided to formulate it in a digestible and easy-to-follow format. We diversified the three pillars of Paddy’s programs - exercise plan, nutrition, and support & weekly accountability.

We also noticed that we need to redefine fitness plans regarding the presentation. The previous website didn’t showcase the differences between them intuitively.

Paddy now enjoys a modern, fully-optimised, user-friendly WordPress website. The product is much more visually appealing and memorable, but most importantly, easier to navigate, both on the desktop and mobile. His new, improved digital presence highlights his fitness plans. His potential clients can learn about his experience and purchase plans on the website.

A website section showcase for an online fitness trainer including description of three different online plans

Deep hues, striking font

Paddy's logo includes a bright orange, and we worked around this starting point to create a compelling colour palette. We decided on warm-toned black as a neutral yet deepening background for the new design. Eggshell white complimented bold tangerine hues and created a cosy contrast to fierce accents on the website.

Simultaneously, we used Jost as a primary heading font. Sans-serif-inspired typeface offered a subtle funkiness, whilst assuring excellent readability. We complemented Jost by secondary font, Montserrat. We decided on easy-to-read, yet statement headings to assure accessibility and clear messaging throughout the sections.

Colour palette

colour palette in warm tones and statement tangerine orange for a WordPress website project for an online fitness coach


showcase of a bold JOST font used in the re-brand of an WordPress project
showcase of a light weight Montserrat font used in the re-brand of an WordPress project for a fitness coach and personal trainer online
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